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"This is my first year participating in the Lupus walk.  I was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago.  I am looking forward to meeting more people that are fighting this battle daily like myself.  I'm always looking to inspire, encourage, educate and empower people!"

​Christie's Warriors

Captain: Christie Palmer

​Money Raised to Date $100.00

 Walker Only:  No donation required, but is greatly appreciated

                                      (the zoo charges Lupus for each person entering)


Courtney Palmer

Christie Crook

Zena Tipton

Miguel Tipton

Lauren Walker

Courtney Palmer II

Roletta Threatt

Edith Wells

Angela Wells

Gabriel Wells

Josiah Walker

Isabella Wuinn

Jackie Tipton

Donnie Tipton

Parker Tipton

Kodi Statum

Carolyn Statum

Baleleigh Statum

Brooklyn Statum

​​​$10 registration:  1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!

$20 registration:   2 entries into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!                                                                                                        

$30 registration:  3 entries into the Grand Prize drawing, 

                                                 2019 T-shirt, Lupus Wristband, and                                                                 Admission to the Zoo for the day!