​​​$10 registration:  1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!

$20 registration:   2 entries into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!                                                                                                       

$30 registration:  3 entries into the Grand Prize drawing, 

                                                 2019 T-shirt, Lupus Wristband, and                                                                 Admission to the Zoo for the day!

 Walker Only:  No donation required, but is greatly appreciated

                                      (the zoo charges Lupus for each person entering)

Register with a donation of the following amounts to be automatically entered in our Grand Prize Drawing! 

Hyatt B.L.A.C.K Lupus Warriors

Captain: Rhonda Tucker

Money Raised to date: $32500


Mattie Tucker

Brittney Gill

​Jaxon Gill

​Tricia Johnson

​Maria Edwards

​Teresa Williams

​Carli Stanley

Cody Stanley

Suave' Tennyson

Tracy Johnson

Tia Solomon

​Nicole Brown

​Cynthia Singer-Alexander

​Keri Roberts

​Tasha Anderson

Salina Lindsey

​Amanda Hester

Natalie Dash

Treyvon Solomon

​Crystal Baysinger

Dominique Dulaney

Sam Saylor

Miranda King

Bobby Henderson

Brooklyn Noiel

Parys Noiel

Aaron Gatlin

Rhonda Tucker

Sarai Baird

Barron Baird

Maria Sanchez

Jennifer Rickett

Kaci Logan

Kristen Alexander

Jazmin Lopez

Angela Colbert-Martin

Alexica Wilson

Henry Wilson

T'nisha Law

Kalianne Swift

Trey Smith

​Nicole Brady

Barron Baird

Cinthyas Salazar

​Kalianne Swift

Maria Sanchez

Tanya Mirical

​Leah Melton

Trey Solomon