​​​$10 registration:  1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!

$20 registration:   2 entries into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!                                                                                                        

$30 registration:  3 entries into the Grand Prize drawing, 

                                                 2019 T-shirt, Lupus Wristband, and                                                                 Admission to the Zoo for the day!

"We walk for Kim, Michelle, Amber and Jordan with love!"


Captain: Pam Hunt

​Money Raised to Date $620.00

Register with a donation of the following amounts to be automatically entered in our Grand Prize Drawing! 

 Walker Only:  No donation required, but is greatly appreciated

                                      (the zoo charges Lupus for each person entering)


Chris Hodge

Kim Johnson

Michelle Doherty

Jeff Doherty

Jordan Lewis

Cindy Mason

Colton Mason

Makya Wilkerson

Robin Fairchild

Kim Johnson

​Sue Helms

Rachel Wallace

Kim and Dan Johnson

Lavona Smith

Chelsea & Keny Hornberger

Rachel Wallace

Chris & Shyann Caldwell

Caleb & Taylor Caldwell

Mary Egan

Connie Prewitt

Maxine Jordan

​Chelsea Barth

​Christine Hodge