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​​​$10 registration:  1 entry into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!

$20 registration:   2 entries into the Grand Prize drawing,                                                    Admission to the Zoo for the day!                                                                                                        

$30 registration:  3 entries into the Grand Prize drawing, 

                                                 2019 T-shirt, Lupus Wristband, and                                                                 Admission to the Zoo for the day!

​Money Raised to Date $95.00

Team Sara

Captain: Sara Moran

Support Sara Moran and sign up to walk!

Register with a donation of the following amounts to be automatically entered in our Grand Prize Drawing! 

 Walker Only:  No donation required, but is greatly appreciated

                                      (the zoo charges Lupus for each person entering)